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Juliana | Jacob | Gartdrumm | Alana

About Switch Affect

Switch Affect started out as a couple, Juliana and Jacob, originally hailing from Tucson, Arizona. They have toured music venues across the United States, and eventually settled on the East Coast where the duo joined another couple, Gartdrumm and Alana, whose presence comprises the band’s live rhythm section. Together, they are a well-produced, creative, electo-industrial rock band, with nice melodies and outstanding vocals. If you are looking for something a little different, musically, you will enjoy this.

Band Members

Juliana: Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar

Jacob “JB”: Production, MD, Keys, Guitar, Vocals

Gartdrumm: Acoustic/Synth Drums & Percussion, Vocals

Alana: 4 & 5 String Electric Bass, Vocals

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